Wednesday, May 21, 2008

working lunch on hot hot desert day

LA had a heat wave last week. On a particularly whopping 99 degree afternoon in my apartment I scooted my Herman Miller from the depths of my office (closet) and went into the kitchen for some nutrition. No body really wants much food on a day like this. My organs were feeling as lethargic inside as out. Don't burden us with complicated math or chemistry please, cried my liver. My belly simply looked up and shrugged with ennui. " don esspet muuch" he mumbled mostly to himself. My belly is a surly Frenchman who is more hardy than refined but plays himself a gourmand.

Anyhoo, I poked around the fridge and found the makings of a perfect summer salad. Protein covered, nothing sleepy, a good pop of flavor and chew. Pungent hard cheese finish with the occasional happy burst of a sweet cherry tomato. Yum. With a white Lillet and French Vogue I could have called it a perfect day.

Frissée Salad w/ Beluga Lentils & Poached Egg

2C frisée washed and torn tossed in a bowl with miso dressing,
1/2C little black lentils (cooked and cooled naturally)
a handful sweet cherry tomatoes
Hard dry sheeps milk cheese
1 soft poached egg
salt & pepper to taste