Saturday, July 26, 2008

Almost as good to see as to eat

Dr. Irina Tsoy is a little woman with an unassuming presence but the minute she turns her attention to you she has you completely surrounded. You won't realize it at first, it'll seem like a warm bath or a cool glass of lemonade depending on which you need more. She'll say your name at the end of every sentence. She'll stand still and confident smiling as she talks to you without the least bit of arrogance or know-y-ness.

By the end of your first visit to her office you'll have been told you're flabby so sweetly that it will take days for your ego to catch up and be offended.

You'll have been handed a piece of paper eliminating almost everything you eat from your diet but you'll be nodding at everything she says and wanting to go home with her for tea all the same. She'll tell you that you should really eliminate sugar from your diet for good but you'll find yourself happily filling your schedule with more plans to visit her unfussy office behind a row of houses somewhere in Silver Lake.

As you're reclined on her table, needles in your 3rd eye and your fingers, you'll listen to neighbor hood hounds howl at the firetrucks and be remembering her last words as she turned out the light "think of something relaxing ________, like a stream or a mountain".

I like to think of the wind blowing through the leaves of a large oak tree as if I were lying underneath it personally.

I don't think about how beautiful, vibrant, perfectly gorgeous strawberries are on the NO list (allergins apparently).