Friday, February 8, 2008

Lunch on Tuesday

  • Slice, peel and sauté 2 shallots in bit of olive oil and butter.
  • Clean and chop sweet red spinach from the farmers market (best to cut away the red stems near the bottom)
  • Toss in spinach in with shallots
  • Sprinkle with Maldon salt if you have it, get it if you don't
  • Pepper, fresh ground is best
  • Red chili flakes for heat
  • If you happen to have some reconstituted morel mushrooms lying around as I did slice them and toss them in as well
  • If you have sweet corn in the freezer add that too - corn is always a good add especially if you're out of tomatoes and want that acid in the dish
  • Splash with a tiny bit of a yummy white vinegar or a blast of lemon juice - not too much - stir and cook til leaves are wilted but still a bright color
  • Heat a whole wheat pita in the oven, I buy them from a guy in the market who always tries to give me a deal on two packs and I never buy two because I don't like to be pushed but then I'm out by wednesday so perhaps he's right....
  • Turn over pita once and sprinkle with goat cheese and crumbled feta from the greek guy at the market.
  • Add chopped fresh herbs, thyme, marjoram and parsley are best
  • When cheese is melty put bread on a plate and spoon spinach over top.

Eat with a knife and fork

my dinning companion


comfies said...

yes yes yes i'm adding you back into my blog list, this is like a dream come true for me, could you also do a post with pictures and description of your soba noodle dish? please please please?

rubberbabybuggybumper said...

yes. i need to make a special trip to the japanese market for ingredients. Stay tuned.