Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A friend stops saturday

My almost-lost-to-time-and-space friend Kadet came to town saturday. She stopped by for a quick lunch. I made crabpots with spicy aioli, roasted asparagus and pea soup and served crackers & cheese.

Those cracker, btw, are the best base for any mild, creamy cheese or blue cheese with fig jam. They are an asiago, herb and cracked pepper blend and very hard so they hold up to spreading a thick flavor body. Sold in good cheese shops and Whole Foods.
So good to see an old friend.

Kadet brought dessert of chocolate cheese cake to which we added fresh strawberries and lemon bars to which we added blueberries. They didn't stay in the open air long enough to capture in 1's and 0's.


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i'm so glad you're posting these amazing food moments. miss you. xo.

p.s. delete that comment above mine, because it's some sort of virus/scam thing - definitely don't click on it!

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