Thursday, October 30, 2008

I always miss the midwest in the deep fall. It's the most extraordinary time of the year and good enough reason to stay there as anywhere in my opinion. But I didn't stay there. I pioneered to the west coast, my family following several years later. And now I hardly ever experience the brilliant warmth of fall colors.

But don't feel too badly for me. I just bring it home in a basket from the market every sunday!

A suggestion for these bloody beets:

steam whole for 20 min. Run the soft beets under cool water and rub the skin off with your thumb. Slice paper thin and sprinkle with Maldon salt (large flakes of sea salt). Chiffinod fresh basil and dab each slice with fresh raw milk ricotta (yet another market jewel sold by a group of suspiciously pretty boys who are far too friendly to be farmers). Run the whole lot over with a stream of your very best olive oil and serve. Moj gets credit for this delight. We had a version of it somewhere but I think she improved it greatly with the basil.

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