Friday, March 20, 2009

Did you bring enough for everyone?

My dear friend Planet Swan came to my studio last month and had me shoot her two girls Everly & Sedona. The four of us had a great time bouncing around, tripping over lights and twirling (because little girls twirl - they just do). When it came time for lunch all things came to a halt and mom Planet whipped out a counter full of supplies and utensils from her Mom Bag. A mom's bag is a wonderous thing. No matter the size or shape there seems to be an endless array of useful things one can find in the Mom Bag.

In true and good mom fashion Planet made sure to bring enough lunchable snacks for everyone. And wasn't I just so damned pleased to get my own apple green sectioned plate and yellow plastic kid fork. And yes I did finish each of those pretzle sticks and every last bite of my salmon salad.

Thanks Planet!

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