Wednesday, June 17, 2009

breakfast at the office

My camera walked into the room this morning while I was staring at my tea steeping demanding that I play with her. I can't I said, I have tea to drink, the room to stare at, news and facebook to read, my journal to write, sleepy dog to walk, I have to work out and I have to make breakfast. My camera heard, blah blah blah BREAKFAST! She stomped her little lens and batted her aperture at me. How could I resist? I was helpless. I am at her beck and call. So, here is how my little camera saw breakfast this morning. Looks tasty no?

The office. Tea steeping while sun moves across the's lovely.

Baked eggs with goat cheese and Japanese tomatoes
breakfast at the office

I like to keep breakfast simple. I like to keep everything simple actually (at least where food is concerned).
Start with these ingredients. Trader Joe's baby. Love them. Although, this cheese is not organic and I will probably have to find an alternative soon it worked well for this dish. Forgive me. I won't let it happen again. This dish is single summer friendly, meaning, it's calorie lite. Healthy, tasty and quick. 15 minutes to make, swear.
  • Spray some olive oil into a ramakin.
Have we talked about Japanese tomatoes? I may be repeating myself here but these are the best things at the farmer's market. I've never seen them at the grocery store. They are a little less vibrant in color than we expect from a robust tomato but the flavor is always light, sweet and wonderful. They are much lower in acid than normal tomatoes. Also more watery.

  • Slice one into 4 1/2" rounds. Put one round in the bottom of the ramekin.

  • Sprinkle some goat cheese onto the tomato.

  • Pour in egg white. Repeat ....until the ramekin is full.

  • Finish with cheese on top.
  • Add ground pepper to taste but wait on salt. The cheese is salty and you can always add more after the first bite.

  • Pop the ramekin into the toaster oven at 350 for 10 minutes.
  • Take it out once to drain some of the water that the tomato will release.
  • I always toast a piece of rye bread along side the eggs. Flipping the toast once.

  • Eh... Voila! Yum.

A perfect way to start the day. Good call camera.


christina said...

yum. i wish i could eat eggs. looks like a beautiful brekkie.

ketchup said...

I think you could do this with tomatoes and soy cheese and then break up bits of tempeh bacon. Different but just as quick and satisfying I would think.

followthatdog said...

holy mother f'en yum. I just read this and went to make a variation for my later dinner. I did whole eggs, not mixed, heirloom tomato slices and Trader Joe's garlic and herb goat cheese, topped with a few Parmesan shreds and some fresh time. Thanks for the inspiration!