Friday, June 19, 2009

mastering perspective or a latte break

I am noticing patterns in my life lately and like any pattern if you stare at one long enough it starts to invert. The pattern you thought you were looking at becomes it's own opposite and then it's meaning changes. And then it flips back. It can be entertaining or frightening depending on how serious you are about it but either way it offers perspective. It's the very definition of perspective actually. When you realize there is another way to look at something you must by default recognize that your original way of seeing things was simply the other way of seeing the thing. Your present point of view will never change but your perspective on the matter might shift, usually in hind sight. And this is what makes being human so extraordinary. And this is what makes being human so difficult. Master your perspective and, I suspect, you'll be the master of your own life.

What does this have to do with food? It has everything to do with food. It's at exactly this juncture that things like this show up around me:

decaf soy latte & chocolate cherry scone from Fix

sweet corn, cheddar & green chile tamale from
(you guessed it) the Hollywood Farmer's Market

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comfies said...

i love that one of your categories is philosophy!

also: maybe your blog should be called "lest we forget a scone"